Unsung relationship hacks!

People view relationships in different aspects, same setting, to love and to be loved back. A relationship can make you whole and can destroy you completely.

I am not doctor love, neither am I in love but some things need to be put into consideration.

Some of you think you will make good partners simply because you don’t cheat but it doesn’t work out like that. Some of you are manipulative, inconsiderate, unappreciative, insecure, lack empathy and have poor communication skills.

Simply because you don’t cheat doesn’t make you the best one. Some got traits that can bring down a relationship like the power of the tongue. Lower that ego and fight atrocity. In Layman’s language, let’s call a spade a spade, not a big spoon. What would it cost for you to be amicable in a relationship? Rhetorically, a story for another day.

To exhort this, no one is perfect but there are things that I call “perfect imperfections”. Work on yourself and embrace your partner. Coronate your relationship. Accept mistakes. Apologize…say sorry. If it’s not working out, leave without hurting anyone. Love is not only for the birds but for beautiful humans too. Chivalry!



Hey, wait

Don’t call someone a coward coz he’s not strong like you

You can call someone crazy coz he lives in a maze unlike you

Don’t give someone advice and laugh about it behind closed doors

Some people need extra love sometimes which isn’t enough

They pretend to smile and laugh like you

Tired of living? Depressed? Wait, listen to me…

Your face is not a mask, don’t hide it

Your size is not a book, don’t judge it

Your skin is not a paper, don’t cut it

Your life is not a movie, DON’T END IT!

It’s never too late☺


My plea

If I tell you I’m hurt would you believe it?

It seems everything I touch dies and no breathe of life can wake them.

I am not heartbroken but my heart doesn’t lie in the first place.

People claim mother’s love is the best kind of love. In my shrimp life, it doesn’t exist!

I thought she was the right woman for me but I was wrong. She left me hurting even more yet she is alive.

The silence in my heart bores the grave that made it.

Throbbing dimly as it beats to last rhythm of life…

How long will this continue? Rhetorically no one to answer that.

Is it meant to be this way or I am just unlucky?

I am sad but no one would believe me if I decided to.

I’m in pain but every day I go out with a bright smile on my face.

The dragons in my soul can’t be healed. I have tried.

Death, my life has been a waste. Take it! Frail!


Suicidal note😔

No job, no money, life has been hard. “Go to school”, they said, “life will get better!” Actually I listened and did exactly that. After some few years, same thing! I tried to be strong, I tried to pray but everything seemed to shut down on me. Double tragedy! I cried for help but they said, “he’s always jovial so he’s obviously joking” or “he is maybe high that’s why he’s overreacting. Drugs!” Loneliness kicked in. At this point the thought of suicide is the only greatest consolation and I just allowed it in. A lot of you cared for me, just not enough! Goodbye! Frail


A letter to my future wife💕

First of all, I miss you a lot. I hope you’re taking care of yourself. It was said, “have fun” but I beg you not to overdo it. The remaining fun I will provide. Be responsible out there love. I promise to love you, be there for you when you need me, for better or for worse but I hope for the best!

And to our future kids, I’m not the one delaying you guys from coming into this beautiful world…It’s your mum who is still busy dating useless guys and giving them your milk. I hope they won’t ” finish our milk”.

Wife, I can’t wait to meet you and annoy you with my silly jokes. Take care of yourself and for us. I love you💕. Chaste!


Kenya’s politics

In a span of 1-10, Uhuru as the president of Kenya if he was to be voted again he would lose at 9. Call me unrealistic since I didn’t do political science. As a registered voter, his second term has been a rascal. Corruption has increased, prices of foodstuffs have gone up making the common mwananchi to dig deeper into his pockets and debts from other countries especially China has increased and are piling up. Who gonna pay them? The under-working Jubilee government? Of course the voters.

The budget has shot up, basic commodities are now for the rich and these politicians want us, the voters, to line up in 2022 to redo again? Same mistakes but different setting? The state of living in Kenya using basic needs is becoming a luxury. Chinese soon will become the 43rd tribe in Kenya! Where are our saviours? I rather see my vote going to waste! Vultures in disguise! Grandiloquence dementia!